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Decipher of Arthur Rimbaud "H" by F.M ( Revised Oct. 27, 2013)

Decipher of Arthur Rimbaud "H"

--A well known poem as the most mysterious one in Rimbaud's anthology " Illuminations".
To this young genius of genius, Moi, an old amateur would dare to challenge the interpretation .
< Original text in french > "H"

Toutes les monstruosites violent les gestes atroces d'Hortense. Sa solitude est la mecanique erotique;
sa lassitude, la dynamique amoureuse. Sous la surveillance d'une enfance, elle a ete,
a des epoques nombreuses, l'ardente hygiene de races. Sa porte est ouverte a la misere.
La, la moralite des etres actuels se decorpore en sa passion ou en son action.
-- O terrible frisson des amours novices sur le sol sanglant et par l'hydrogene clarteux ! trouvez Hortense.

Though this poem, until now, has been interpreted variously by many scholars -- "Hasheesh", "Habit",
"Homosexiality", "Prostitute", "Onanism" and so on, none of those is persuasive to explain
what is the intention of the poet or what's the meaning of this poem as a whole. Does Rimbaud,
however, ask such an easy riddle to us ? "H", the title of this poem, only one alphabet that's never
pronounced in French, could be an insolent provocation to us. Here, I'd like to present you my
audacious decipher on this poem.
According to my conclusion, this poem is the allegoric one describing the execution of
Marie Antoinette by guillotine . As it's been already said, the shape of "H" itself expresses
the figure of guillotine optically . It's also said that the word "Hache", which owns the same
pronunciation as that of "H", means an ox or hatchet . "H", the title of this poem, appears many
times disguised itself in this text . The readers should simply enjoy the diversity of the trans
-formation of "H", the "Heroine" of this poem .

"Backside reading", to decipher the poem.

< My decipher in English > "H"

All the monstrous rioters excute the Austrian parasite of old times. Her loneliness is an erotic
mechanism, her fatigue is the dynamics of lust . Under the rearing in childhood, in the age of nobility,
she had been a super idol of Hapsburg royal families. The door of her fate is open towards
the tragedy on guillotine. There, the actual existence of Marie Antoinette is divided into her passion
and her action. Oh, terrible frisson of an innocent and adorable neck of this babe woman
rolling on the bloody ground illuminated by brilliant hydrogen ! Hey you, find out Hortense.

< Notes on my decipher >

Toute les monstruosites :-->>
"monstruosites" could be an anagram of "monstrous rioters" in English .
monstruos --> monstrous, ruosites -->rioters

violent les gestes atroces d'Hortense :-->>
"violent" means the execution by guillotine .
"gest " could be an anagram of "guest"( parasite) in English,
"atroce" should be an anagram of "Autriche", also "A-che" is an anagram of "H" itself,
and what's more, the initial of "Hapsburg" is "H".
"Hortense" indicates "Old times" in English.

Sa solitude est la mecanique erotique ; sa lassitude, la dynamique amoureuse :-->>
The sequence of these nom humale (feminine noun) suggests us the leading character
of this poem should be a woman("Heroine") .
"que", the ending of these three words, reminds us "Queen" .

Sous la surveillance d'une enfance :-->>
"surveillance" means the rearing as a princess in childhood .

elle a ete, a des epoques nombreuses :-->>
"epoques nombreuses" could be an anagram of "epoques noblieres" (age of nobility/noblesses ) .

l'ardente hygiene des races :-->>
hygiene is the same word in English . In this context it means "pastime" or "topic"
among aristocrat society .
" races" means the Hapsburg royal families .

Sa porte est ouverte a la misere :-->>
The door of her fate is open towards the tragedy, execution by guillotine .

La moralite des etres actuels :-->>
"la moralite" contains phoneme of "Marie-A(n)toi(n)ette" in it .

se decorpore en sa passion ou en son action :-->>
"se decorpore" is a mintage by Rimbaud that means "devided from body( de corps )" .
Moreover, "la Passion" says Crucifixion of Jesus Christ .
"sa passion" indicates her grudge ("haine") agaist rioters .We can find another "H" here .

-- O terrible frisson des amours novices sur le sol sanglant et par l'hydrogene clarteux !
trouvez Hortense :-->>
The climax of this poem . The sequence of "rrr" and "ss" expresses admirably her frisson
( "horreur", another "H" ) ."clarteux" means "brilliant", that includes Rimbaud's favourite "AR",
the initial of A. Rimbaud itself . This word may be a mintage by Rimbaud, that means "brilliant".
But some scholars indicate that it's a dialect in Ardennes, Rimbaud's home district. It's the point
that this poem ends with the appearance of Heros (Hydrogene) and with heroine's death.
We can feel misogyny of Rimbaud. Anyway, is it an incidental coincidence that the spelling
of "Harar", the name of the town in Abyssinia where he lived at his last course of life,
consists of "H" and "AR" ?

According to my decipher we can find out many "H"s in this text, "H", "Hache", "A-che( Autriche )",
"Hapsburg", "Hortense" ,"Hygiene", "Haine", "Horreur", "Hydrogene".
When I was a university student, a girl student commited suicide by jumping from rooftop with
an anthology of Rimbaud. At her latter end, she might have heard the forcible beat of this poem
-- on the bloody ground illuminated by brilliant hydrogen. Rimbaud, what's a terrible guy!

C'est aussi simple qu'une phrase musicale . - A. Rimbaud

Feb. 4, 2013 F.M ( Rvsd Oct .27, 2013 )


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